Favorite black swimsuits

Wearing a swimsuit or bikini? This is a question I’m asking myself often when going to the beach for a swim, or even just hanging on my balcony on a sunny afternoon. Lately I’m stating to wear more swimsuits instead of bikini’s. Maybe it’s just a phase I don’t know, but what I do know is that swimsuits are soo comfortable compared to most bikinis!

Above I’m showing you my favorite black swimsuits at this moment. 1. is a swimsuit from Oysho, which you can shop at Zalando. The ruffles and small sleeves are just really adorable! 2. Is an off shoulder swimsuit from Hunkemöller. To me off-shoulder items are the perfect accent to your collar bones. 3. Is a velvet swimsuit from Weekday, I mean who doesn’t love velvet?! 4. is a swimsuit from Hunkemöller, which is actually designed by a Dutch Blogger: whoisthatblonde. I really love the see-through front combined with the edgy, yet feminine feel of this swimsuit!

What’s your favorite?

With love,


| 1. Oysho | 2. Hunkemöller | 3. Weekday | 4. Hunkemöller |