Pink Panther


Last Thursday I went with Arielle to the opening of the Nelson flagship store event in Amsterdam. The store itself is really great. It looks like a maisonnette only then for shoes! Nelson is a great company that is more then a shoe brand; they support the Orange Babies foundation! At the event a brand new project by Nelson for Orange Babies was presented; The Nelson orphanage, based in Africa to be able to save more lives! But that’s not all, Nelson decided to give a cheque of €15.000,- to Orange Babies to decorate the orphanage! I’m really glad that there are organizations such as Nelson that not only care for fashion, but also take care of the bigger picture!

I got the opportunity to choose a pair of shoes from the store, it was really difficult for me to choose because there were so many great items. After a long search I saw these beauties on the feet of someone else and I immediately liked them!

I really love the look of the shoes, for me it’s the perfect combination of brogues and sneakers, two styles I’m really into! I’ve combined these amazing shoes with my brand new, already favorite, pink pants from Zara! Yes, I know it’s pink again… but I just really like to wear pink this spring! Luckily I had a blazer in my closet which was exact the same color! Hello suit?! I’m in love with my pink suit, combined with these amazing shoes!

What do you think of this look and Nelson’s new project?

With love,


| Shoes: Nelson | Pantalon: Zara | Shirt: Zara | Blazer: Zara | Necklace: Tiffany & Co |

© Photo’s by: Suzanne Brummel

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