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Since the content of your blog is very important I thought it would be fun to give you some tips about my camera settings of photos I use on my blog. The tips I’m giving is what works for me, I’m not a professional photographer. So there we go!

1.  Get good equipment

If you want pictures of a good quality and have the option to edit them om various detailed levels, it’s important to have a good camera! I’m using a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm/1.4f lens. I really like it when photo’s are blurred in the background, it’s very easy to get with a 50mm/1.4f or 50mm/1,8f lens!

2. Choose an intresting location

If you’re taking outfit pictures the background should not be distractive from you and your outfit. Also your background can really add something to your photo, so be critical when choosing a place to shoot.  A background can make or break your photo, it can change the whole feel of the look!

image1 (Photo by: Dutchie)

3. Use the right settings

When taking a photo with the 50mm/1.4f or 50mm/1.8f lens it’s very important to use the right settings, otherwise the power of the lens will not be shown fully. I’m always shooting on the M-mode, but in most cases the A-modus is a great option as well! The first thing to do is to set your file size to RAW+fine for better quality and editing options. Fine stands for a JPEG file with great quality, so if you don’t have camera raw (photoshop) or lightroom (adobe) you can also edit the JPEG versions instead of the RAW files.

When I’m shooting outside I always use ISO 100 or 200. The best light is when it’s a bit cloudy, because you won’t get any sharp shadows or lights in your picture. If you make the ISO larger, your photo wil get granular or overexposed, and that’s not what we want!

Futhermore it’s important to decide whether you want a small depth of field or not (small depth of field means: blurred background). If you do you can set the diaphragm to 1.4 or 1.8. This won’t work if your standing against a wall or something, there must be a background with different depths to create a nice small depth field. If you want a large depth field you can use a larger diaphragm such as 2.2 or higher.

If your shooting in the A-modus, your camera will set the shutter for you. You can also manually set the shutter and focus point, but that’s something I will show you in another post!

Now your set to go!

4. Use a proper composition

For taking a great outfitphoto it’s important not to have distracting items in your photo. So make sure that these are not in your composition! For outfit photo’s or total length photo’s in general you should ask your photographer, friend or whoever may be your victim to kneel down and make a photo from a low perspective. This way not only your legs will look longer but your whole body!

5. Edit your photos before using them

If you took your photo’s in RAW you can edit them with camera raw (photoshop) or lightroom (adobe) if you don’t have these programs I really recommend NIK software by google and edit you JPEG file there!

Even though you think a photo might be perfect straight from the camera, it’s always a good idea to take a better look at your photo’s by editing them. That way you can crop the photo, straighten, adjust settings, retouch blemish and other.

You can do this with a program as stated above, or even use apps for editing! On my IPhone I use: VSCO cam, Afterlight and Picsart. Just play with the different options and choose your favorite.

What are your favorite programs and apps to edit?

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  1. Echt handig dit! Alleen heb ik niemand die outfitfoto’s van mij kan nemen dus moet ik het zelf allemaal uitzoeken. 🙁

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