4x weekend getaways

Finally, my long weekend has started! Somehow I’m really tired lately and in a urge for a vacation, even if it’s just for a couple days. Therefore I made this list with 4 getaways which are worth a visit!

1. Find your inner piece in an historic Church. There’s a lovely church located in Horssen (The Netherlands). At this church you’re able to participate in different sessions such as meditations and creative sessions. For me this is sounds like the perfect place to escape from the urban jungle and be off grid for a couple days. You can find this trip here.

2. Surprise trips are also very popular lately. There are various options when it comes to surprise trips. I recently found this surprise this from 5 to 8 days at an southern European destination. I never booked an surprise trip, but I’m planning to book this one in the nearby future! You an find this trip here.

3. Improve your golf skills in a beautiful rural environment located in the east of the Netherlands. In Drenthe (the Netherlands) this is possible! You can combine a 4* wellness trip with a golf trip. I feel that this trip is the most ideal trip to compromise with your beloved hubby of boyfriend. You can find this trip here. 

4. Ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep in a castle just like a princess? Well I did! And now it’s possible! You can sleep in a castle located in Sterkenburg (The Netherlands) for a couple of nights. What’s more romantic dan staying with your beloved one in a castle?! You can find this trip here. 

What’s your favorite getaway?

With love,