5 things that make me happy


In between studying and making exams a short post. Today I want to share the 5 things that make me happy during these winter days. So enjoy!

1. When the sun shines through my window on a Saturday or Sunday morning and I wake up  knowing that it’s going to be a good and fun day.

2. Watching “The Good Wife” on netflix accompanied with Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough. Definitely a serie I recommend! I started watching this serie last week and I am for sure  hooked up!

3. Beer! Hopefully you remember my fluffy blue-eyed buddy. Beer makes me so happy even though he doesn’t do much except sleeping. He’s just always there and in for a cuddle.

4. Biking through Amsterdam on a sunny day. It still feels so unreal living here! Every time I bike through the city with my favorite songs on repeat I realize how happy I am with my choice to move to Amsterdam.

5. Redecorating my home. A couple weeks ago I received these amazing posters and frames from Desenio. What I love about this website is that there is a unlimited choice of posters. You can find almost any poster there! For me this was the perfect start for redecorating my room.

And I have some good news! In collaboration with Desenio I can give you a 25% off!

Please use code: joellawassink25, it’s valid till the 1st of December and only works for posters.

What makes you happy and what do you think of the posters I choose?

With love,


Pictures are shot with Nikon D5500  – 35mm/1.8f

9 thoughts on “5 things that make me happy

  1. Superleuke, happy post! Ik kan het goed geloven dat Beer je gelukkig maakt. Ik zou Fons & Lily voor geen geld van de wereld meer kunnen missen. Echt mijn kindjes. <3

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