All black everything

Today I’m showing you a look that’s different from what I’m usually showing you. Even though this is one of the looks I wear the most in my daily life I never showed you this outfit before. So I decided it was time to!

When strolling around the city and going to the appointments I need to go during the day I love to wearing something comfortable yet fashionable. For me that’s exactly where this look stands for. Black items took place in my heart many years ago when I was only wearing black clothes. Nowadays my wardrobe doesn’t only contain black items. My wardrobe enlarged with a lot of nice colorful items, mainly pink as you might have noticed…

I’m wearing a simple black ripped jeans, this is something I really love. To me it just gives a bit of playful touch to the everyday basic black jeans. Combined with the jeans I’m wearing a black t-shirt which is a loose more though fit, a buckle belt, a biker jacket and my Dr. Martens. I recently got these beauties from Sacha. About a year ago I wouldn’t image myself wearing Dr. Martens because I had the idea that they would make me even shorter. But I tried them on in a store and even with my 1.60cm I didn’t look small, from that moment I wanted them very badly!

What do you think of this look, is this something you should wear?

With love,


 © Photo’s by: Suzanne Brummel – Edit by Joëlla Wassink