Autumn in Amsterdam


February 2015, the month that my blog was established. When starting my blog and investing more time in my Instagram I never thought that I would get this much energy out of it, meet such nice people and achieve this much in such a short time.

My Instagram and later on my blog started out as a getaway of life. Photography has always been a large passion of mine. My first DRSL camera was given to me by my parents at the age of 14, I’ve been experimenting ever since. I’m not a photographer or anything near that; I’m just a girl who loves to take photos to make moments last forever.

Now, almost 9 months later, I gained a lot of friends through blogging, seen places in a different way and found out what my own style is.

With that in mind I love to show you this look I totally adore. The fun part is that this whole look consist of items I didn’t like at all at first. But right know, when combining them all together I really love it!

These black flared jeans just feel like they’re made for me, the 70s look finally used its charmes on me. Combined with these jeans I’m wearing a lovely blouse with volants. Since a couple weeks I’m totally into volants as you might have noticed. I just think that they can turn an ordinary blouse into an eye-catcher!

Last but not least I’m wearing my cap. About a year ago when I saw these caps for the first time I honestly hated them. I just didn’t understand the trend. Now a year later I can’t image how I could feel that way a year ago. This cap has become one of my everyday items nowadays.

What do you think of this look?

Let me know!

With love,


© Photo’s and film by: Janne Biersma (Radiate Fashion) – Edit by Joëlla Wassink

This post, including the video, is my application for the Zalando Style Icons. Which I’d love to win! (

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