Christmas inspiration

Finally, my exams are over! This makes a really happy me! My exams being over also means that I have a bit more time to focus on my blog again, which makes a even happier me.

With the Christmas days around the corner I thought it was time to come up with some Christmas inspiration.

When it comes to presents I love to give or receive practical present. Therefore my favorite present from this collage is the Herschel backpack. A couple months ago I got this amazing backpack from What I love about this backpack is that it’s a very practical and comfortable backpack that looks great at the same time! I always use backpacks when traveling of being away for the weekend, this one is just big enough to fit all my stuff!

Another thing I really love are scented candles. To me scented candles not only light up the room like normal candles, but also add some extra sphere to your home!

What is your favorite item from this collage?

With love,


Bag: Herschel – via

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