Dress to impress

It has definitely started, my days at the moment consist of studying, eating and sleeping. A bit less fabulous than I would love to spend my days, but on the 5th of December I’ll be glad that I tried my best and hopefully get through all of my 4 exams.  In between my long and boring days I’ll hope to find some time to show you the items I love. My apologies if my frequency is a bit lower than usually.

The Dress

When it comes to dresses I’ve always been very critical. For me a dress is perfect when it makes you feel confident. This doesn’t mean that the dress has to reveal or cover a lot. For me it just means that the dress needs to fit to my body like it was designed for it. The dress I’m wearing makes me feel this way. The fit of the dress is just amazing, not too tight and for sure not too loose. I saw this beauty by accident when looking at the dresses on Zalando.

Combined with

Because of the colder weather these days I tend to wear a turtleneck underneath my dresses, just as I did with this dress. I really love this layering combination, but for sure a dress without a turtleneck is more sophisticated to me.

Last but not least I’m wearing my leather jacket. For me this is just the perfect basic jacket that I can wear with almost every outfit. To simply spice it up!

What do you look for in finding the perfect dress?

With love,


© Photo’s by: Danique de Groot – Edit by Joëlla Wassink

Dress: Zalando 

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  1. Great look and all the best in your exams, I’ve been there so I know the feeling. If you’re looking for something to encourage you, you could totally check out a post I did on MBA and lessons learned. take care

  2. Beautiful dress!!! It suits you very well !!! Like you sad: the dress is perfect for me if it fits to my body like it was designed for it 🙂 !

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