Hi All,

Since the days are getting colder and Christmas is around the corner with only a couple weeks away, I wanted to share my favorite bonnets with you. For me wearing a bonnet is a fun, warm and comfortable way to style my winter looks. When wearing a bonnet in combination with a winter jacket you immediately look more stylish and comfier!

In the search for the perfect bonnets I started looking online. During searching I came across the beauties as pictured above at Otto.nl. As you can see the styles of these items are very different. The red star one (4) is a bonnet I would wear combined with a basic black coat. I would style the beige one (6) with a more striking coat such as a leopard print or even a yellow coat. For now, my favorite is the leopard bonnet (3), it will definitely be on my wish list for Christmas.

What is your favorite bonnet?

With love,