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Elegant, honest and personal. Those are the words that pop into my mind when thinking about House of Eléonore. Last weekend I was invited to an amazing event hosted by House of Eléonore in their shop-in-shop located in De Bijenkorf Rotterdam. 

In this article I will try my best to explain why I feel that those words connect with House of Eléonore and how last weekend expanded my knowledge about diamonds and the jewelry industry. 


The name House of Eléonore finds its origin in an old story which goes back to the 12th century, the time when Eleonor from Aquitaine lived. Eleonor was a quite stubborn and modern woman for her time. For example she took part in the battlefield and divorced her husband. Furthermore she was yet one of the most powerful and desirable woman at that time. The name House of Eléonore therefore stands for the strength, personality and style of every unique woman.

Symbolized with the Morpho Helenor butterfly, House of Eléonore’s first collection is inspired by nature, the tropical island of Papua New Guinea. Elegant shapes based on birds, plants and other objects from nature combined with bright sparkly colored diamonds take place in the first collection called “bird of paradise”. Which you can find here.


Many people are forced to work in gold mines everyday. The work conditions in these mines are often inhumane. House of Eléonore takes its responsibility by solely selling hand crafted jewelry made from 18K fair trade gold.

Besides using solely 18K fair trade gold, House of Eléonore also uses non-mined diamonds. These diamonds are laboratory created. By producing laboratory created diamonds, the costs are lower, which makes it possible to create more affordable and durable jewelry. Another fun part about non-mined diamonds relative to mined diamonds is that they’re physically and chemically the same. All diamonds come with an official certificate where the 4 C’s are listed (carat, colour, cut and clarity).


On Friday 9th of December House of Eléonore invited me and a friend to stay over in the Nhow hotel, located in Rotterdam. When coming into our room we were welcomed with a personal message. The hotel was amazing, we had such a great view as you can see in the pictures!

During the workshop and the tour in the shop-in-shop many members of the House of Eléonore team were there. Which made it feel very personal to me. During the workshops it became clear that House of Eléonore is a company for which values are very important. For example all items are made by hand specially for you. There’s also a possibility to design your own piece together with House of Eléonore. You can find more information about their “bespoke” experience here.

 So when you think about buying a piece of jewelry, please be reminded that it’s important that it is as beautiful from the inside as the outside just like you are!

You can find more information about House of Eléonore here.

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Hotel: Nhow Rotterdam

Photo’s by: Joëlla Wassink & Marlies Bergkamp

Pictures are shot with Nikon D5500  – 35mm/1.8f


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