Interior: My Scandinavian styled room


I’m really excited to show you my small palace in Amsterdam! I live here since the beginning of september and literally changed everything in this room. With a lot of help from my beloved friends and family I was able to change this 15m2 piece of Amsterdam to my own dream room!

As you can see I definitely love the Scandinavian style, which partly means; white, grey and black. It feels so great to come home after a long day and walk into my room! For me it’s a place of rest, where I can enjoy my spare time.

What do you think about my 15m2 piece of heaven?

Let me know!

With love,


© Photo’s by: Joëlla Wassink

7 thoughts on “Interior: My Scandinavian styled room

  1. I love it! We use a lot of white in our houses in Scandinavia !!! Really great to see this style and suddenly “slaap lekker”. Your Dutch roots. I love it. Where is that from? I might want to import that one of you don’t mind :)))) xxx

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