LA here I come!

In about a week I’m heading to Los Angeles to visit my family with my brother and dearest friend. I’m really excited for this trip since it’s been a couple years since I’ve visited my family in Los Angeles.

Eventhough we’ll take off in a week I’m already packing my suitcase. I’m allways all over the place when it comes to deciding which items I want to take with me on a holiday. So therefore I wanted to show you some items I’m taking with me for sure!

First of all a light beach dress to wear when walking down the promenade. What I love about these light dresses is that they’re really comfortable, but still look fashionable. Just perfect for a vacation! I got this one with the floral print from LASCANA which you can find here.

When it comes to biking at Venice beach I love wearing jumpsuits, because it’s easier to deal with on a bike compared to a dress and it feels so comfortable! You can find the one I love here.

My vans and superga’s are also definitely coming with me! I can walk days on these beauty’s, without getting sore feet. And last but not least some other items which will increase my look, without being too much.

When are you going on a holiday?

With love,