Let’s sleep

As you might have seen on my Instagram I recently moved to my new palace located in the Old South part of Amsterdam. To me moving means a lot of stress, because there’s just soo much you have to arrange in just a short notice. Now a couple weeks later I’m finally settled in my new home, so I’m finally able to get some sleep!

 I listed the four main things that help me to get a better sleep;

Set your mobile to flight modus, this way you won’t be distracted, but can still check your messages very quickly in the morning by just turning the flight mode off. You also don’t have radiation from your phone.

Don’t go budget when it comes to quilts or a mattress. It’s important to be aware of the fact that you spend at least 7 hours a day in your bed. So buying a cheap mattress just because it’s cheap isn’t an option! When moving I got this mattress from Simba, which is made out of 5 layers who support your body in the best way. Before I was doubting the “power” of more expensive mattress, but I’ve never slept better ever since!

Take a warm shower before heading into bed. For me this is the perfect way of clearing my head and processing the last day.

Make sure your bedroom is tidy. For me this one works just perfect. When I come home and my bedroom is tidy I simply feel this calm sphere right away.

What helps you getting a better sleep?