Mattress change

A couple weeks ago I decided that it was time to purchase a bigger bed! Before I was sleeping in a 1.60m bed, but since a couple weeks I’m enjoying a 1.90m bed.

When buying a new bed I was looking for another mattress, since the mattress I was using obviously didn’t fit anymore. After a quick search I discovered Eve Sleep. Eve sleep is a brand which sells mattresses, pillows and other bed-related items.

I’ve been sleeping on my Eve Sleep mattress for a couple weeks now and I can really recommend this mattress. What I love about my new mattress is that it’s the perfect combination of a soft top layer, but a nice firm mattress overall. For me it’s important to have a firm mattress, because otherwise I won’t be twirling in my sleep and I will end up with serious back pains.

The mattress consist of 5 layers which consist of: an adaptable fabric top cover, a contouring, breathable memory foam layer, a revolutionary cooling layer, a supportive base layer and an anti-slip base. Overall these layers create the best support for my body during the night!

On what mattress are you sleeping?

With love,