Meet Beer







Let me introduce you to my soon to be new roomie; Beer! Beer is a Birman who is born in april 2016. I had the opportunity to choose a kitten from a nest of 6 kittens and Beer was my favorite right away!

The fun things about Birmans is that they develop their colors in the first years of their life, so Beer will get darker at his tail, paws and nose. It’s kind of a surprise how his colors wil develop, but I think it will be just purrrfect!

On the 1st of August he can finally come home with me! You can see more about Beer and his development on my snapchat, Instagram and on his own instagram! @beerthecatt (yes he has his own instagram).

What’s your favorite cat breed?

With love,


12 thoughts on “Meet Beer

  1. Cute!! I also have a Birman she started as a true snow-white but now she starting to get a beige kind of fur. Love the character of Birman kittens!

  2. Ahh wat een cutie! Ik heb ook een birmaantje van 1 en is een beetje creme van kleur en zo’n lieverd! Heel veel plezier met Beertje!

  3. Jaa lief is die he! Nog 1 weekje <3. Ah super leuk! Hoe zag jouw bidmaantje er toen die klein was qua kleur uit? Liefs xx

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