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As you might know I’m studying parttime, so I’m working from Monday to Thursday at BDO (an Auditors office). This most of the time means that when I come home from work It’s already dark outside and for sure way too dark for a Flatlay.

I really love taking Flatlays and I found out some editing tricks that make it possible for me to make all my flatlays in the evening when it’s already dark! By editing them the background will be perfectly white, and that’s exactly what I want!


I took this photo a while ago in when it was already dark outside, as you can see the photo itself without editing is really ugly… When taking a Flatlay, when it’s already dark outside, it’s important to create much contrast in your photos (so a white background with black items is perfect!), this makes it easier for you to edit them!

For editing my Flatlays I use “Picsart” on my iPhone. The first thing I do is cropping the picture to a square photo. You can do this by clicking on the ” tool” button at the left bottom of the app and then crop. Tap on; 1:1 to make sure that your picture is perfectly square.

Then I go to “Effect” and tap on “Seafoam”. What I do next is tapping on the pencil at the top of the app and make al attributes “original” (your erasing the effect on the objects). I won’t make the small objects such as the rings in my photo original this costs too much time and effort and won’t come out nice. When I’m done I press on the done button in the right upper corner. I repeat this step with the Seafoam once more!

Afterwards I do the same thing, but then with the “Drama” effect. With the adjustment beam at the bottom of the app I will adjust the amount of the effect, it’s important to only watch the change of the background! Once your happy with your background color it’s again time to make all attributes “original”. When you’ve done this you’re done!

This is my photo afterwards:


I hope you enjoyed these tips, you can also use them for other photos than flatlays!

With love,


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16 thoughts on “My Flatlay secret

  1. Wat een handig artikel! Zelf ben ik nog maar juist begonnen met flatlays, maar nog niet half zo goed als jij hierin bent!

  2. Wat een goede oplossing voor als je overdag geen foto’s kunt nemen!
    Het is even wat werk maar het kan prima. Je foto’s zien er altijd toch mooi licht uit! Wat leuk dat je dit geheim met ons wilde delen. Sharing is caring!
    Liefs Sabine

  3. Vind ik ook hoor! Zoo lastig om leuke dingen bij elkaar te vinden! Hopelijk heb je er iets aan :)!

  4. Jaa ik vind het ideaal! Naarmate je het vaker doet word je er wel handiger in moet ik zeggen! 🙂

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