Sneaker season

Hi All,

Since summer is now really over it’s time to renew my wardrobe. Lately I’ve been more into wearing comfortable loose fitted items than wearing skirts and dresses. Maybe it is just because the weather is getting colder and I want to make sure that I’m warm enough, anyhow I do like this phase!

With comfortable clothing comes comfortable shoes and for me the most comfortable shoes are sneakers. Somehow I always manage to be very precise when it comes to sneakers. I don’t want to wear the sneakers that everyone is wearing and it is no surprise that I can look for hours to find the perfect pair of sneakers.

The sneakers that are on my wishlist at this moment are the Nike Airmax 720. Fun fact about these sneakers is that they contain the highest Air-unit so far with a height of 38mm, this air-unit makes it even more comfortable to walk on these shoes. What I like about the design of the Nike Airmax 720 is that it for sure doesn’t look like your average shoe, I feel mostly because of the boomerang shape placed on the side of the sneakers. Another thing I really like is that I didn’t see that many people with the 720 yet. I’m still doubting about which color I should pick, but at this moment I’m doubting between the baby blue ones and the white ones.

What do you think of the Nike Airmax 720? Should I go for the blue or white ones?

With Love,