Summer time!

Finally, the sunny days are back! I couldn’t be more happy. For me sunny days represent hanging out with friends until late and being outdoors.

Luckily Van Dobben has the perfect solution for when you want to serve great snacks to your friends, but you don’t own a frying pan; Oven / Airfryer Croquetten and Bitterballen! Me like! Just like many people in Amsterdam I prefer using the oven instead of other devices, since I’d want the smell of my house to stay nice. These Oven / Airfryer Croquetten and Bitterballen are the best solution. And the best part is that they taste the same. You can get these at your local supermarket.

In about a month I’ll finally be heading to Ibiza to celebrate the summer a bit more, what are your plans for this summer?

With love,