Summertime blue(s)


Happy weekend!! It’s been a while since I posted, I’m sorry… Too many deadlines and way too little time…. For now I need still need to write a paper for my study… Argh so frustrating, in a few weeks I will finally be able to say that I have vacation! I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m wearing another light summer toned outfit today. The style of the blouse/dress ,I don’t know how you call it, is very cute because of the ruffle at the bottom. I like it! I’m wearing one of my favorite white jeans from Levi’s and my white sneakers from Nelson to complete the all white part of my look.

To give this almost all white look a bit of a touch up I’ve combined the white tones with a baby blue jacket! Blue is really one of my favorite colors these days next to white (I know it’s not a color officially) and pink! Another thing I love about the jacket that it actually combines two different styles in one jacket. To me a leather jacket is almost always a rough item, but in the baby blue color I’m wearing it’s soo cute I think!

What do you think of this look?

With love,


|Jeans: Levi’s | Dress/Blouse: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Shoes: PS Poelman – Nelson | Ring: Amara-Ajai |

© Photo’s by: Marco Wallenburg

22 thoughts on “Summertime blue(s)

  1. Gorgeous babe! Like the clean all white look with the leather jacket, gives the outfit a little bit of an edge. And the color looks good on you! Xx

  2. There both really nice aren’t they! I was doubting between the yellow one and the blue one for a while, but this one is easier to combine! Love to see your look with it! xx

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