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Surfcamp in Mimizan… well to be honest I’m normally not a huge fan of camping. But when Suzanne asked me to come with her I of course couldn’t say no, and I have no regrets. I even loved camping!

In a collaboration with I got the opportunity to stay a week at the camp in Mimizan. Mimizan is a very well known spot for surfers in Europe. Located on the West coast of France, great waves for beginners and more advanced surfers and a lot of bars; Mimizan is the place to be!


The camp of is like a small village. It has its own bar, chill tent, hammocks and other great spots to chill at. The tents were bigger than I expected, very clean and comfortable. I think this might be one of the reasons that made my opinion about camping change.

Busses arranged by bring you from different locations in the Netherlands directly to the camp, so you don’t have to worry about how to get there!

A thing I usually don’t like, but actually did like about the camp is that there was no Wifi and very limited electricity, that’s also the reason for my absence lately. I’m the kind of person that hides easily behind my phone and other electric devices. Because of the lack of Wifi and electricity it was easier to connect with people, there was no distraction.


I had two lessons during the week. The lessons were given by professionals, the instructors were all certified and most of them surf in the highest competition in the Netherlands.

It surprised me how quickly I was able to stand stable on a wave.  The following days I practiced more, but surfing is a sport that takes a lot of patience and experience. I managed to upgrade from a soft top to a hard top surfboard and to surf on unbroken waves, so for me that is a huge progress.






After surfing and chilling on the beach all day there were many different activities in the evening. One of my favorites was the open mic. I have a huge crush on acoustic music and I love it when people dare to open up and sing for a group of people they barely know. There were so many talented people!

Another activity I really liked was the city-trip to San Sebastian. San Sebastian is a city located in the North of Spain, which is a two hour drive from Mimizan; it’s the perfect getaway. San Sebastian is a great place to shop and discover amazing places at the same time! So it didn’t surprise at all when I heard that San Sebastian is the cultural capital of Europe. I was lucky enough to have a personal guide through the city, who showed me the best features that the city has to offer.



The other days I stayed at the camp and met some amazing people. The vibe of the camp was just so unique. You don’t have to think about anything, you just live in the moment. There were so many different people from different places, the camp connected them. The crew of made the experience complete. Late night bar sessions, great conversations and their enthousiasm made that no one was left out.

All together the camp was one of the most amazing experiences so far! The camp is not only about surfing. It’s about making new friends, having fun and creating memories that will last forever. So, if you don’t have any plans yet take a look on:

I had the best time there, thank you for this amazing experience!

With love,


| Wetsuits and bikini’s by: O’Neill |

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