The girl with tulips

Happy Friday! It’s already a week ago since Inge and I met up in Amsterdam. We had a fun weekend with a lot of shooting, talking and clubbing. On Friday we went to Supperclub located in the centre of Amsterdam, we had a blast!

When we were buying some tulips to cheer up my home I was wearing the look you are seeing here. A trend I start to like lately is the lacquer trend. I noticed that other bloggers are wearing lacquer items more often, so when I got the chance to get an item I couldn’t resist. The lacquer skirt I’m wearing is from Comegetfashion. Which you can find here.

Combined with the lacquer skirt I’m wearing an oversized sweater to make the look a bit more orthodox. I got this one last year at Mango, so unfortunately this sweater is not in stores anymore.  I collected some look-a-likes which I think are also really nice!

How do you feel about this lacquer trend?

With love,


© Photo’s by: Inge Wildenberg – Edit by Joëlla Wassink