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First of all happy new year!

As you all might know I’ve been on a trip to Paris last week and spent New-year’s eve there, I really can’t wait to share the amazing places I’ve been.

We had the opportunity to rent an amazing apartment on Île Saint Louis. We found this apartment on Airbnb. But it actually is from SweetIm.

IMG_2697Our Apartment

As you can see it’s an small and bright apartment! And we would really recommend this place to you, it’s simply amazing. The service from the organization is perfect, while checking in the host gave us some delicious chocolates!

DAY1 in Paris:

On the first day we decided to see the Notre Dame and The Louvre. The Notre Dame is an amazing church which you can find in almost every book about Paris!

Because we had only three days in Paris we only walked by the Louvre and didn’t get the chance to see all the art inside. This is definitely something I want to see the next time I’ll be in Paris.

IMG_2469The Notre Dame

For dinner we grabbed a beef burger at St. Regis located on Île Saint Louis as well. We think St. Regis is a nice place to grab some food from burgers to steak.

DAY2 in Paris:

On the second day we went to Lafayette. I think it was great to see this well-known mall in real life! Unfortunately I’m still a student and most of the designers in Lafayette were not affordable.


Afterwards we went to Madaleine to get some original Macarons from Ladurée. The bakery was very cute with all soft, happy toned colors. It almost felt like Disneyland!



For dinner we went to the fantastic restaurant Sacree Fleur, based in Montmartre. According to Tripadvisor it is one of the best restaurants of Paris and we couldn’t agree more. The restaurant itself was really small, but that made it feel cozy and comfortable. The steak we got was perfectly grilled to our preferences.

DAY3 in Paris:

On the third, and last day, we woke up early to go and see the amazing Sainte-Chapelle. Which is famous for its high stained glass. The church was very impressive. And knowing that it has been there for ages and still 70% of the stained glass was original made it even more impressive.

Afterwards we decided to go to the famous café “les deux Magots”. In the past many prestigious Parisians have visited les deux Magots, such as: Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso.

The next stop was the Eiffel Tower, I really wanted a good shot of the Eiffel Tower and I think I did pretty well. We walked around the Eiffel tower for half an hour and found some amazing angles of it.

IMG_2611 The Eiffel Tower

From the Eiffel Tower we walked over the to Arc the Triomph. The traffic on the roundabout was killing. I’m glad we didn’t have to drive there. The Arc the Triomph was very intriguing to see as well. It’s a really big Arc with a great history in the middle of a huge roundabout. I think it couldn’t be more intriguing!

IMG_2609The Arc the Triomph

The next stop was the apartment to cook our last meal in our cozy apartment.

It was New-year’s eve so we got some champagne and popped the bottle at midnight! We wanted to get a drink in Le Quatier Latin (the student area). But decided to stay in the apartment. It was a cozy newyears eve with my boyfriend where I couldn’t be more pleased with!


Unfortunately we had to go home the next morning!

What do you think are the best places to visit in paris?

With love,


© Photo’s by: Joëlla Wassink

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